United Arrows


Our company, United Arrows, Inc.
is focused on enriching lives and protecting
the environment by encouraging
the exchange between raw materials
from around the world and Japanese technology.

Established in 1986, the name “United Arrows” comes from a character from the company founder’s name and the Japanese concept of “The teachings of the 3 arrows” which states that a single arrow by itself will bent and break, but a bundle of three arrows will stay straight and strong. The arrow also symbolizes, speed, focus towards a goal as well as the continued push for advancement no matter how complicated global affairs are, no matter how difficult the circumstances are. These are all goals we strive to adhere to cooperatively in our company, both in the present and the future.
With these concepts in mind, I hope that we can bring together raw materials from around the globe in a synergy with the excellent technologies developed in Japan to deliver products that improve and enrich our environment and lives.
In contrast to our founding, the world as we know it has become more compact and connected with each passing day as the borders shrink and we move into an increasingly limitless future. In addition, although raw materials/physical materials may run into shortages, the human mind as a resource is infinite and we should embrace and adapt a multicultural and well rounded stance to aid our journey into the future. By adapting to the challenges ahead while taking our part to bring something of value back into the society around us, we are optimistic of your continued patronage on our continued journey together.

October 2018 Kazuyuki Uchiya,

Company Profile

30,000,000 Yen
Chief Executive Officer
Kazuyuki Uchiya
Kinseisha bldg B1FL.,
3-15 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0054, JAPAN
Business Content
  • ・Global export of Arakawa Hanging Systems
  • ・Import, export and marketing of essential oils and related products
  • ・Import and marketing of SALMET poultry cage and equipment


Group History

Founding of United Arrows, Inc. in Tokyo, Japan
Subsidiary branch United Arrows America (UAAI) established in Portland, Oregon, USA
Uchiya Inc., Founded in Tokyo, Japan
Asian Branch Established in Bangkok, Thailand

Work Timeline

Began the export and sales of Hanging System Hardware
Began Selling Liberty Natural Essential Oils (From Oregon State) in Japan
Opened e-commerce site “Uchiya Essential Oils“
Started to import and sell of Germany-based SALMET International GmbH poultry cages and equipment.
Moved operations of the essential oil business from Uchiya Inc., to United Arrows, Inc.


Tokyo Metro Tozai Line
Takebashi Station
Approximately 3-minute walk from Exit 3b

Branch Companies

IMPRO United Co.,Ltd
United Arrows America, Inc.
Branch Companies