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Kaz's Spotlight -Let's learn more about ARAKAWA!


The reason why I pick up BS-32U-R uppermost from amount of items Is because quite personal cause "I love this shape".

Joint parts evokes me robot arm.

Airy-fairy flexible spinning negate the idea of "attachment must stay".

"Moving" and "fixing" is existing on this metal gear with no discomforting strongly attract me.

If you only put pictures on the wall, BS-36D-R would be enough.

If you only hang objects from the ceiling, BS-32R-R would be the best.

Why BS-32U-R like halfway item like split-the-difference is required ?

When we understand the value of BS-32U-R is not to hang the items toward vertical direction, but to make angle for transverse.

I felt the possibility from BS-32U-R to break the existed fixed-idea "object have to be hanged from upper to bottom" and to sublimate the way of hanging to another dimension.

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