About Us

Message from CEO

Corporate Philosophy

United Arrows Inc., was founded in 1986 in Tokyo.
Company name is referring from the old Japanese precept “Lore of three arrows - United we stand, Divided we fall”, and using 1 letter (=Arrow) from our founder’s name.

No matter how our world become complex or situation undergo changes, we will keep challenging by rapidly, with concentrated mind, in proactive and work in complete solidarity with together.
This is our principle deeply felt into the company name and we will proceed our business with this faith for future.

Under this principle, we will aim for the realization of our company philosophy “Strive to promote exchanging between Japan’s advanced technology and high quality materials from all over the world to protect the environment and upgrade our costomer’s life.”

Compared with before when we started our business, the world get closer.
Information and intelligence will surely become more borderless and commoditized.
Reaching resource limit is highly-publicized.
However, we believe there are nothing beyond confidential relationship based on mutual understanding as communication way.

Natural resources (hard) are limited, but resource of idea (soft) is unlimited.
Exchanging different cultures will reach to high-dimensional added-value.
World is still filled with possibilities.
We hope our function is able to develop your business.

Sincerely yours,